“Emotional, hilarious and poignant, all at once”
- The Salt Lake Tribune
Pleasant Grove Rock Opera is a powerful and engaging story of grace, redemption and healing in the most unlikely of circumstances. When a teenager’s tragic decision leaves his family and neighbors scrambling for answers, those who loved him the most face an extremism that's infiltrating their close-knit community. But how can forgiveness and healing be found in the midst of judgment and intense grief?

An Epic, Immersive Celebration of Hope and Healing

Pleasant Grove Rock Opera is an immersive, visually stunning, animatic-theatrical experience like you've never seen or heard before. It interweaves the best of live theater, contemporary dance, stunning art and animations and a live rock concert experience to tell an intensely emotional story based on true events.

The Band and The Music

Bay of Pigs is a gritty and emotive band with a style reminiscent of 1970's greats, Pink Floyd, The Who and Led Zepplin. The story and the music of Pleasant Grove is truly a labor of intense love and is more than 25 years in the making.

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