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Pleasant Grove Rock Opera

Music and Lyrics written and performed by

Bay of Pigs

Directed by

Amelia Rose Moore

Production team


Bryan Hall
Jack Donaldson
Leo Brunnick

Theatrical Director/Musical Director

Amelia Rose Moore

Asst. Director

Ben Hendersen

Production Stage Manager

Adam Saunders

Costume Designer

Reneé Levy

Co-Costume Designer

Hannah Chilton

Lighting Designer

Adam Flitton

Art Director

Johnny Hall

Sound Designer

Bryce Robinette

Sound Board Operator

Rachel Mardis

LIght Board Operator

Angel Rosa

Director’s notes


Amelia Rose Moore

In this workshop phase of Pleasant Grove Rock Opera, we’ve been able to take risks in exploring and expanding the forces of good and evil and their effect in the individual lives of the characters in the show. Taking a full concept album and transferring it to the stage is a massive undertaking, and embodying all of the themes and stories and discovering untapped layers of the material is exciting. In moving through and navigating the universality of human experiences such as loss, being torn between community and self, we have been able to embody the accompanying emotions through the choreography of SALT Contemporary Dance Company—a special addition to our show that expounds on the material in ways the human voice cannot. The audience is our final ingredient in order to get this show ready for our next phase: the world premiere of Pleasant Grove Rock Opera in October. This show centers so much around community, family and redemption as we accept and move through the difficulties in our own lives and lives of those we love; we are so excited to share these messages with audiences!

Asst. Director

Ben Hendersen

I feel a powerful urgency in this project and am so grateful for the power of music, melody, and voice to communicate. As you witness the fruits of our efforts workshopping this story, please know we are so grateful to have you here to celebrate what can happen when artists are willing to take risks and try new things. Many thanks to Bryan and Jack for welcoming my contributions. And thank you to the cast, and to Amelia as well!


In 1971, the small conservative town of Pleasant Grove, Utah was rocked bythe suicide of 16-year-old Alden Barrett, a prominent Doctor’s son. His suicide set in motion an almost unbelievable sequence of events that are as shocking as they are tragic. The profound and far-reaching repercussions create a backdrop for an intensely emotional and poignant story about love, family, mental illness, fear and judgment, extremism and ultimately, forgiveness and healing.

The production is a work two decades in the making. First drafted in 1997 as “A Place in the Sun,” the show played several times in Utah County to sold out audiences. The performance built bridges for a family long torn apart. Twenty years later, the original creative team has returned to Alden’s story with a matured perspective on family, change, and community. 

Now "Pleasant Grove” is as beautiful and gentle as it is raw and explosive. The show is a journey from heartbreak to healing, and moves audiences to re-examine their own perspectives, inspiring them to a deeper compassion.

The production could not be more timely, with a national conversation emerging around bullying, mental health, diversity, and the rising forces of disinformation and polarization. In addition, the manipulation of the Barrett’s family tragedy is again under scrutiny in the recently published book, “Unmasking Alice”, by Rick Emerson. “Unmasking Alice” is a scrupulously researched work that digs deep into the published works of “Dr.” Beatrice Sparks, that, through exaggeration and fabrication, triggered the very problems it sought to shame.


Marcella Barrett

Laura Wright

Laura Wright is a sought-after lead singer and headlining performer working full time in Las Vegas, as well as traveling the world on major cruise lines with her own headlining show. At age 16 she was a semi-finalist on Season 5 of American Idol and then earned a BFA degree in musical theatre. In a journey both professional and personal, Laura leads the show as Marcella, with a performance that is both heartbreaking and beautiful.

PERSONAL STATEMENT: When I first listened to Pleasant Grove Rock Opera, it struck a chord in me and I knew right away this is a story that needed to be told. It’s honor to play Marcella and be a part of it. This role touches my heart and soul, and resonates with me in many ways. Each and every time I step into this role, I feel a deep connection and pull to the music. This show addresses topics that needs to be discussed and now is the time.

Doyle Barrett

Kyle Olsen

Now based in New York, Kyle is originally from Utah where he recently reprised his roles as Jean Valjean (Les Miserables) and Sydney Carton (A Tale of Two Cities) at Hale Centre Theatre. He also just finished his fifth year touring with The Forgotten Carols. For music and more, visit

PERSONAL STATEMENT: Special thanks to ‘Bay of Pigs’ for trusting me with portraying a real father conflicted by the challenges that come with juggling family, community obligations and faith.

Alden Barrett

Ian Webb

Ian (he/him) is a recent, and thrilled, graduate from UVU’s theater program with a BFA in acting. This is his second chance at playing Alden, and if he can help it, not his last! Despite considering himself a non-singer, he recently played Ladahlord in James & the Giant Peach (UVU), Judas in Godspell (UVU), and has originated a leading role in another workshop of an exciting new musical. He also just finished played Felix Turner in the straight play The Normal Heart (AOTC). Although he loves acting in any capacity, his favorite projects have been acting for the camera in TV, film, and commercials. When he’s not performing, Ian can be found taking his dog, Puck, on long walks, and watching as much TV as possible. Ian is represented by the incredible team at McCarty Talent Agency. 

PERSONAL STATEMENT: It’s beyond exciting to be a part of a show that has its roots so close to home. At one point in our lives we’ve all felt like Alden; an outsider, misunderstood, unheard, voiceless, and alone. In the early 1970’s mental health was largely an un-researched new frontier, and the teenage demographic even less so. But, since then there’s been a huge step forward. This show is a cautionary tale that demands to be heard. The 2019 Youth Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System showed that 18.8% of high schoolers seriously considered attempting suicide and 8.9% actually completed. Deaths like Alden’s are completely preventable. Know the signs by visiting and encourage your loved ones to call The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline’s toll free number 1-800-273-TALK for confidential support.


Kacey Spadafora

Now based in New York, Kyle is originally from Utah where he recently reprised his roles as Jean Valjean (Les Miserables) and Sydney Carton (A Tale of Two Cities) at Hale Centre Theatre. He also just finished his fifth year touring with The Forgotten Carols. For music and more, visit

PERSONAL STATEMENT: Special thanks to ‘Bay of Pigs’ for trusting me with portraying a real father conflicted by the challenges that come with juggling family, community obligations and faith.

Prudence (Leader of The Moral Preservation Society)

Krista Saltmarsh

Krista Saltmarsh (Prudence) (she/her) is honored to be a part of this incredible project. Growing up in Pleasant Grove’s neighboring city, American Fork, this is a story that is very near to her heart. Credits include: Wonderland (Alice), Seussical (Bird Girl, Mayzie u/s, Dance Captain), The Hunchback of Notre Dame (Ensemble), Oklahoma! (Ado Annie), Little Women (Meg March). Studied Music Dance Theatre at BYU. @kristasaltmarsh

Dr. Sparks
Our Lady of Perpetual Virtue

Lana Kanen

Lana Kanen is a recent graduate from the University of Southern California School of Dramatic Arts, with a degree in theatre. She has been working with the band to develop the female vocal themes of this project long before it came to the stage and is delighted to be a part of her first workshop.


Beatriz Melo

Beatriz is a graduate from Brigham Young University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Musical Theatre. Some favorite credits include: Nina Rosario in In the Heights (WVPA), Kala in Tarzan (HCT),Rusty in Footloose (Sundance Summer Theatre), Amneris in Aida, The Lady of the Lake in Spamalot, La Gata in Wonderland (BYU), and Justice Death in Treasure Island (HCT).

Commanding Officer
Chief of Police

John Gardner

John Gardner is a performer in a San Francisco Bay Area rock band, and has worked with PGRO principals professionally on a variety of projects for over 15 years. He teaches yoga and other meditative arts, and loves the challenge of performing such deep material alongside this extraordinary cast. 

PERSONAL STATEMENT:"PGRO, to me, is a story about the trauma of exclusion, and the toxicity of judgment. We're social creatures. We need to feel loved, to feel like we belong. When someone is 'different', what do we do? Do we respond with love, or with judgment?"

Leader of the Revolutionaries

Scotty Fletcher

Scotty Fletcher is a graduate of Utah State University‘s BFA acting program. Recent projects in the area include In the Heights – West valley arts; Light in the Piazza and Treasure Island – Hale Center Theatre Sandy; and Fremont Junior High is NOT Doing Oklahoma! – Good Company Theatre. 

PERSONAL STATEMENT:The opportunity of working with a group of people so passionate about telling a story and creating something fresh and new really drew me in. I didn’t know much about the story before I started but within the first hour I was hooked on the music and the message. This story and medium can really hold a mirror up to those around this community and it touches my soul.


Flora Sullivan

Flora Sullivan (Teresa/Ensemble) is a Los Angeles based actress who is enthralled to take part in Pleasant Grove Rock Opera! She studied Musical Theater at AMDA NY and AMDA LA, and is more than ready to get her feet wet in the show business world. She most recently could have been recognized in “A Faery Hunt”, a children’s theater company that performs immersive shows all around LA, “Where Do We go From Here: A Cabaret” in Los Angeles, and “This Joint Is Jumpin” an original show produced by Broadway performer Maybin Sherman. 

There is nothing more she loves doing in this world than getting on stage and singing her heart out, so she is very grateful to the cast and crew of this show, and all who came to share their evening with us! Instagram: @lalasulli

Scott Barrett

Woody Brook

Woody is so excited to be a part of this incredible team for Pleasant Grove Rock Opera! He grew up in Vail, Colorado and now lives here in Utah after graduating with a BFA in Acting from BYU. His favorite credits include: HCT - Singin’ in the Rain, Tale of Two Cities, Strictly Ballroom,Cinderella, An American in Paris, Newsies, Tuck Everlasting, Aida, A Christmas Carol, and Disney’s Beauty and The Beast. Other credits include: HCTO - The Hunchback of Notre Dame (Phoebus de Martin), Sense and Sensibility, Little Women (John Brooke), Anything Goes, Tarzan, and Joseph… Dreamcoat; BYU-A Wilder Night.

PERSONAL STATEMENT: This story will touch everyone who comes to watch it- everyone has an Alden in their life, and I was an Alden for a while. This show gives me a glimpse at what my life would have been like, and how it would have affected my family and friends had my mental health won or any demons had been given a chance to take over. I hope we get to reach others all over who have gone through the same experience and that they can feel unrequited love and receive the help they need.

Moral Preservation Society

Julia Jolley

Julia Jolley has been involved with theater and film her entire life.  She lives in Pleasant Grove with her husband and four sons, and loves creating traditions with her family. She is incredibly honored to be in this production with such a stellar, talented cast that she adores. 

PERSONAL STATEMENT:"This story has impacted me.  It has caused me to question, "Am I truly accepting?  Am I inclusive? Do I practice what I believe, in how I treat those around me?".  I myself have benefitted from the kindness and understanding of others.  Lifting someone when they cannot stand should be second nature.  It doesn't matter why their legs feel weak, it only matters that we don't hesitate to help them up."

Moral Preservation Society

Amanda Baugh

Amanda is excited to be a part of PGRO with an incredible team and cast in this creative process to tell a profound story. She is a Utah native and earned a BFA in Music Dance Theatre from Brigham Young University. While there, she toured with Young Ambassadors for two years to mainland China, Hong Kong, and Southeast Asia. After graduating she moved to Southern California where she was a professional dancer at Disneyland and Legoland Resort. Some of her credits include Ariel in Footloose, Kitty in Drowsy Chaperone, Zaneeta and u/s Marian in The Music Man, Eileen in Wonderful Town, Witch in Into the Woods, The Little Mermaid, Hairspray, West Side Story.


Eli Ghaeini

Eli Ghaeini is excited to be a part of Pleasant Grove Rock Opera! Past shows at West Valley Performing Arts Center include: In The Heights(Graffiti Pete), The Odd Couple, the Female Version (Jesus Costazuela). Other shows include: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe (Ginabrik), Our Town (George Gibbs), Measure for Measure (Pompey) and the Last Days of Judas Iscariot (Butch Honeywell). TV: The Chosen. He holds a BFA in Acting from Northern Illinois University, and studied at the Moscow Art Theatre (MXAT) in Moscow, Russia. @Eliyah.arman


Lead Demon

Ben Hendersen

Ben is grateful for the chance to be here and help tell this story. May this show reach the part of every person looking to heal.

SALT Contemporary Dance


Amy Gunter-Lolofie

Amy received her BFA in Dance from Brigham Young University where she was awarded many outstanding performance and choreographic recognitions. She currently dances with SALT Contemporary Dance, is the Assistant Director of the main company, and directs their sister company SALT2. She has performed works by renowned artists like Gustavo Ramirez, Ihsan Rustem, Micaela Taylor, Peter Chu and more. She teaches, choreographs, and performs around the state of Utah. Amy is passionate about researching movement and how we use dance to learn about humanity.


Aubry Mason

Aubry Mason was born and raised in Orange County, California where she studied ballet at the Dmitri Kulev Classical Ballet Academy and contemporary with Westside Dance Project. She has received additional training at summer programs with BODYTRAFFIC, Netherlands Dans Theatre, Alonzo King LINES Ballet, and Batsheva Dance Company. Aubry joined SALT 2 in 2017 and SALT Contemporary dance in 2019. She has performed works by renowned choreographers such as Alex Ketley, Ihsan Rustem, Barak Marshal, Jermaine Spivey, and many others.


Haley Johnson

Haley has been a dancer in SALT's main company for 4 years. She holds a bachelors in performing arts from The University of Arizona School of Dance. She has primary training from the Joffrey Ballet in Chicago. She has also trained at intensive programs with LINES Ballet, Netherlands Dance Theater, Orlando Ballet, and Houston Ballet. She currently teaches and choreographs all over Utah and will be beginning her fifth season with SALT Contemporary Dance.

PERSONAL STATEMENT:I am looking forward to collaborating with the masterminds of this rock opera. The story guides the viewer through a series of turmoil due to pressures of society. The work sheds light on unsaid judgements one may face, storming into a painful internal conflict.


Ruger Memmott

Ruger Memmott is a dancer and choreographer from Pleasant Grove Utah. He has worked professionally all over the country and has appeared in commercials, live television, and music videos. For the last several years he has danced and toured with Odyssey Dance Theatre.

Meet The Band

Guitars / Vocals

Bryan Hall

Bass / Vocals

Jack Donaldson

Jack is vocalist, and bass player for Bay of Pigs and was one of the original creators of the rock opera, “A Place In The Sun,” in the mid-1990s. He is one of the producers and creators of Pleasant Grove Rock Opera. Jack founded Peak Media & Consulting, managing projects for clients in Europe, Canada and throughout the US. He has co-directed and produced award-winning feature-length documentary films. He currently lives at the foot of the Wasatch Mountains in Utah with his wife and youngest son. He spends free time with family and chasing adventures as a backcountry skier, biker, runner, and naturalist.

Keyboard / Vocals

Winston Lee

Winston was a member of Grain, the first iteration of the current Bay of Pigs.  He performed in the original versions of Pleasant Grove Rock Opera back in the 1990's.  Winston is a classically trained pianist who has the heart of a rock and roller.  He owned and operated Lee Music in Heber City for over twenty years.

PERSONAL STATEMENTThis show is important to me because it demonstrates many problems that exist in our present society in regards to acceptance, mental illness, gossip, and propaganda.  It's also important that the truth of Alden Barrett be told after so many years of false beliefs about his life and suicide.


Jaime Jespersen

Jaime Jespersen grew up in Sandy Utah and has played and taught drums professionally for 25 years. He is a multi-faceted drummer with an extensive history of success in the world of music, such as winning Utah’s Best Drummer in the 2001 Bashers Brawl all the way up to creating and receiving a patent for his invention Guru Drumsticks. He has performed with many different artists throughout the years, including Jon Batiste, Sophia Dion, and the Stay Human band at the Sundance Film Festival. Jaime continues to strive for musical excellence as he joined the Pleasant Grove Rock Opera in May of 2021. He is excited showcase his abilities as a member the Bay of Pigs and hopes to bring comfort to those who may be struggling by telling the true story of Alden Barrett through the beauty of music and theater.

Special thanks

The Producers wish to thank:

- This incredibly talented and inspiring cast

- Our amazing and hardworking production crew!

- Amelia Rose Moore and Ben Hendersen for your tireless work on this project, your vision and your patience

- Salt Contemporary Dance Company

- West Valley Performing Arts Center

Please visit